Google punishing my Quality Scores


Love my new landing pages, big improvement for my Adwords campaigns, except that my quality scores have plummeted. KWs that were a 6 and 7 are now a 1. Google says its because my old destination URLs had global nav and the new unbounce ones do not have. Guess I’ll have to add the nav back in to my new pages on unbounce? Not exactly what I want, not sure what to do, anyone else experience this type of issue?


Hey Charles!

Sorry to hear your QS has taken a recent dip! Rest assured, Unbounce and AdWords goes together very well.

It can be difficult to say without a doubt your Quality Score plummeted due to navigability alone. AdWords calculates QS based on a number of things, including:

1.Keyword/Ad Relevance.
2.Keyword/Search Relevance.
3.Your Keywords past Click-Through-Rate.
4.Overall Click-Through-Rate of all ads and Keywords in your account

As there could be several factors at play here, I’d like to open a support ticket so we can take a closer look at the problem at hand. Check your email Charles!


Hi Lou,

Yeah I was shocked and a lot freaked seeing the low QS. I only started using unbounce a few weeks ago and I do have other landers that have scores very high, no drop there. On the one in question the CTR is low but I bet not worse than the average for the space I’m in. Maybe I’m wrong, would love to have you look at it.

How do I open a ticket?


Hey Charles!

Sorry for any confusion, there is no need to create a support ticket -I’ve already opened one for you.

Can you check your email? I sent a couple questions your way. Thanks in advance!


Ok, I replied to that email, let me know if you don’t get