Google Conversion Tracking (Using New Style) gtag.js



We are finding that the NEW GTS style of tracking with Google does not fire on the confirmation pages with Unbounce.

Historically we would grab a conversion tracking code from Adwords and past it on the scripts manager (on the form confirmation page). It would flawlessly work every time.

Now with Google’s new tag system, we are not able to get the conversion codes to fire on the confirmation page.

We have taken the GST (Global Site Tag) and pasted it on the main page and the confirmation page. Then we created a specific event on the page to fire when the confirmation box opens…nothing.

Here is the page:

To be clear, I do not want to use GTM. I am trying to find out why the global site tag and the event tag aren’t firing on a simple form fill.

Even Unbounce is trying to figure this out. Has anyone solved this?