Google Adwords Campaing Configuration


Hello Guys!

My first time on Unbounce. So I have a few doubts.

Im starting a campaing in Google Adwords with the landing pages that we have created in our Unbouce account.

The main link is…

Inside of this link there is 3 landing pages to see wich one works better:………

Now here _s the questions:

1 - Can we use this domain (…) in our add in google adwords URL?

2 - Providing this domain (…) in our Google Adwords Add those 3 landing pages will rotate right?

Tks in advance!



Another question. Is there a way to link those landing pages to google analytics?

Tks in advance!



Hi David - You should be able to track your pages just fine using google analytics, even with your pages under the domain…

However, AdWords is a different story. Google has strict restrictions against using a domain that is not yours. If you use with Adwords, Google will crawl the page and realize that you don’t own this url. Second, Google cannot index Both are red flags in Google’s eyes.

This is why it’s highly recommended to set up your pages with a custom domain.…

As for part 2 of your original question. Yes - accessing the pages URL will rotate between variants as long as they have a ‘weight’ set for each variant.

Hope that clarifies things!


Hello Johnny,

I have already add a CNAME to in my domain.

The subdomain is

The Unbounce URL that I already changed is…

However appears a 404 error page in that last URL. In the Unbouce panel it says that the domain is already working. Am I doing something wrong? I just change it so it can be that?

Tks for your precisous help Johnny.




Hi David - I just visited the URL and the page appears to be working just fine. Here’s a screenshot of what i’m seeing:

If your still not seeing the page, this may be a caching issue. Try clearing your browsers cache and then reload the page. If that doesn’t do it let me know and i’ll take a closer look.


Problem solved!