Global script update


In the future could you add an option to update scripts across all landing pages? For example analytics scripts could be the same throughout all pages and would be nice to not have to update each page separately

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Yep we sure can! I can’t give you an ETA yet, but this feature is on our roadmap after a few other priorities are released first. Thanks Branden,



thank you. Look forward to it


Hi, any updates on this topic?


We’ve made it through an initial planning stage for this feature and after a couple of major releases (Multi-user and multi-client management, plus a bunch of editor enhancements including nicer buttons and rounded corners/gradients) we’ll be diving into implementation of the shared scripts and elements feature.

Sorry I can’t be any more specific than that right now, but it’s certainly near the top of our priorities list still.


Love this idea! This NEEDS to be part of your product, it would also be cool if I could manage footers and html widgets in a central fashion as well.


Is there any update on this “global scripts” feature being released? We have a few sites on Unbounce and would like to have many more but right now we’re duplicating a lot of code and it’s maintenance nightmare. Thanks.


UPDATE: Hey everyone, we’ve posted a video screencast of the direction we’re thinking of taking to solve this problem. Check it out and let us know your feedback!


Hey Everyone!

Script manager has now moved out of labs

If you have any other feedback or suggestions do share them in the post below:


Hey everyone!

I’m delighted to share that this feature is now available to the public as a ‘labs’ feature.

See the post below for the full announcement: