Feature Update: Script Manager is now out of Labs


Hey Everyone!

‘Script Manager’ has now moved out of Labs and enabled on all user accounts.

Thanks for your fantastic feedback and helpful testing while it was in labs.

If you’re new to this feature take a look at the article below on how to use ‘Script Manager’


For a few advanced tips and tricks such as allowing your script to identify the current variant, checkout this article:


If you run into any issues let us know at support@unbounce.com

Announcing the launch of Script Manager into Labs
Global script update
Feedback Wanted! Global Javascript Manager [Video Demo]
Announcing the launch of Script Manager into Labs

Any plans to add the ability to apply scripts across multiple variations for a single landing page? This appears to be all or nothing but I may have missed something.

Thanks Unbounce,


Hi Brett - no ETA yet, but the long term plan is to build out the feature to allow for more precise page selection at some point.

In addition to applying scripts across all the variants on a single page, is there any other particular grouping/selection options you’d be keen on?


Just the ability to select individual landing pages would work for our needs. The script could apply to all variations of that page.

Basically this:
_ Landing page 1
_ Landing page 2
_ Landing page 3
_ Landing page 4


Thanks for this! I’ll make sure it gets to our Product team. Again, there’s no ETA on Script Manager 2.0, but they’re starting to gather feedback about what should be included, so this is super valuable for us.


Ugh… We need number 5. Otherwise, I am going to have to go back to Hubspot…and my venture on Unbounce as my technology of choice lasted less than a week…


Anybody know how to get the unbounce preview pages to run a script in the global script manager?


Hi Mark - global scripts are inserted on page load, so you won’t be able to see them in preview–you’ll need to look at the actual published page to see any scripts that are added globally in action.


Hrm. ok. Thanks for the quick reply. I’m doing something fairly advanced, maybe it’s not the best place for it. If you want to take a look, here is the landing page I’m prototyping. http://get.friendgrowth.com/ The idea is to allow someone to get started without actually signing up, so the code is generated on the fly, and the signup and examples links get tagged with the identifier. It’s a bit suboptimal with the 3 second setTimeout, but I’ll work on that later.


Sounds like a really cool implementation. There’s no reason that this shouldn’t work in Script Manager, but if you’re still adjusting the code, I’d recommend tweaking it on one page and then once you’ve tested it out, migrate it over to Script Manager.


Hi Quinn,
I just have a suggestion for you regarding the script manager feature: It would be great if we could be able to apply scripts to groups of pages.


Hi Paul - this is something we’re definitely looking to add as an improvement to the Script Manager down the road. Our Product team is currently planning out improvements to how pages are organized in the app, so it will either be bundled in with that or follow after.


Hello - is there a way to edit or update a global script once it has been implemented?


Hi Noa - there definitely is. To edit an existing script, just head back into Settings, then Script Manager, and then click on the script you’d like to alter. The next page will show you the existing script and its settings and you’ll see an Edit Script button that will let you make changes. Here’s a quick video showing what I mean.