Global Script Manager - In Preview Mode


Hi folks,

I’ve just tested some new scripting across multiple pages using the Global Script Manager. However I notice that the scripts only inject themselves into the page when it’s viewed as a potential visitor using the URL and they do not get embedded when viewing the page in “Preview” mode. Is this a bug or working as intended because it’s a real pain!




Hey Stuart,

Really appreciate you bringing this to our attention.  Our team will dig into this and will get back to you as soon as we have more information.


Kieran Cormack


Hey Stuart!

After doing a little bit of digging I have found out that “Preview” is working as intended.  There are certain limitations with serving pages that prevent us from currently embedding your global scripts in your previewed pages.

We really appreciate the feedback. The idea of embedding scripts in our page previews is something that we will definitely keep in mind for future versions of the page builder!

Thanks again for reaching out

Kieran Cormack


Hi Kieran,

Thanks for checking, that’s no problem as long as its something that’s clear otherwise folks could be testing scripts and wondering why they don’t work especially if they are not used to coding. Perhaps worth adding a note into the help/tutorial page for the global script manager?

Thanks again,




Great call, Stuart. I’m going to loop this feedback back to our Product team, and see if Erin from the education team can work this into the documentation. You’re right, things need to be as clear as possible to avoid any potential confusion. 

Thanks again!