GAnalytics - On-Click/Event tracking & Goals - is there a Robust Guide?


I’ve seen a few posts around talking about how to set-up event tracking for when someone clicks a button etc.

To be honest my level of coding skill is copy/paste and trust in the experts I find with a Google search. So I am trying to find the definitive guide to setting up Event tracking on an Unbounce page - both for clicking on images/buttons as well as clicking on text links/urls.

is there one particular thread that has a detailed write-up or is there a guide somewhere?

I am having a challenge grasping the details with the tidbits I keep finding in past requests

Thanks for your help, sorry for the basic request but this will have a huge impact for me


Hi Brent - While we do have a support article on integrating with Google Analytics, we don’t have a detailed writeup on Event Tracking in specific.…

That being said on the comments of our support article there are some helpful posts on integrating button tracking. See this post in specific:…

If you would like a better understanding of event tracking take a look at googles event tracking guide. It may be of some help.…

I hope that’s enough to get you going Brent!


Thanks johnny,

I have some follow-up questions but to simplify I put them in my other discussion


We’ve implemented a much easier way to implement Google Analytics and Event Tracking on your landing pages by using Script Manager. 

Check out the release here:

Or check out the full step-by-step guide in our Academy here: