Formsite Embed Issue


Hi! I’m planning move to Unbounce. I’m testing things that i have at old websites like pagewiz and instapage, but I heard that Unbounce is the TOP 1, the best of all!

I have a form from Formsite, and when I past the Embed Code at HTML Box, return the error(Block Invalid). And at Javascript section too. What is wrong. I always use the code at other websites. Thank you!!


Hi Cristiano - the validation we have on the custom HTML element is really strict, so it’s likely that there’s a comment or something similar that doesn’t directly affect the form’s functionality that’s technically incorrectly formatted.

I would just give the form a quick test–if it’s working on other pages for you, it should work the same in Unbounce. If that test doesn’t work, please shoot us an email at with the page URL and we can dig in a bit further.