Form's 'Go To URL' auto-filling "http://" when I would like to omit protocol


I am trying to set up my form to redirect to another URL on confirmation. When I enter my “Go To URL” as "//"  and click away, the field automatically populates with an “http://” protocol string, leaving me with " http:////" !

I would  VERY MUCH SO like to be able to omit the URL’s protocol so that I may inherit the user’s currently used protocol, as a client could have a restriction on secure or insecure connections. Why are you auto-filling the field anyway? What if I wanted to redirect onto the same domain? Would I really need to provide the entire URL? This is very restricting.



I’m also getting very frustrated with your text-editor here, if you can’t tell by my post above. By the way, ‘/’ is a “/”, and no matter what I do, I can’t break the link on “http://