Form submitted, but leads are not registered


Form submits are not saved as lead and not visible in the stats. Integrated Mailchimp account doesn’t get the lead either. For some reason the stats can’t be reset.

What can be causing this issue, any ideas? Thanks.


I’m having the same issue with leads and stats not registering.


I’m having the same issue with leads and stats not registering.


We are having the same problem, No stats registered in the Unbounce dashboard for over 4 hours! Not a problem at our end.


Same problem here and it’s killing our lead gen. I called the unbounce 888 time-sensitive number and it disconnects.


Same here…


same problem, no stats on visits or leads


Yeah, same problem here, with a lot of active campaigns and traffic. Starting to panic. Catastrophic if there is no backup on Unbounce servers for the submissions.


same problem.


The problem seems to be fixed. My dashboard is showing an update in all stats now! Phew!!


@Daniel - I don’t think everyone is entirely up. I just submitted another test lead and didn’t receive anything. I have numerous active campaigns running and could be missing out on valuable opportunities. I hope the leads will come in a flood once this has been fixed, but unfortunately my leads may be cold by then. I hope that unbounce plans to refund some of our plans subscription fees.


It’s working.


still broken for us… no leads appearing in aweber, although they are appearing when I click “view leads” from the unbounce page backend


@Off Center Harbor - Same with us. I’m not seeing any leads, views, or submissions.


just spoke with them on the phone and they are aware of the problem and working on it.


@all Hi everyone - late last night we had a minor server issue that caused delayed jobs.

Our Development Team has resolved this issue, but it may take an hr or so for all leads to catch up. No leads, stats, or any data will be lost. Thanks for your patience and understanding!