Form not being emailed or recognized


When I fill in the form on my published landing page I get the conformation screen but never receive an email (even though I have ‘email me new leads’ activated) & it also doesn’t even show up on my dashboard as a lead under ‘Leads & Form Integrations’

Not sure what I’m missing.



Hey Sara! - I tested the page on your account and it appears to have logged the lead just fine. Were you by chance testing the page when in ‘preview’ mode? If so the leads are not tracked in this area, nor do they trigger any events. It only does so on the actual ‘live’ landing page.

Hope this clarifies things! If you were testing on the live page shoot an email to ‘’ and we’ll dig in further :slight_smile:


Oh! LOL! Thank you SO MUCH!! That resolves all my worries. Truly appreciate it!