Form integration - hidden form fields or confirmation dialog


Don’t seem to be able to pre-populate hidden form fields via GET parameters? Is this intentional? This would be really great for us to be able to link our existing processes to an unbounce landing page.

Alternatively, is it possible to UBPAGEID field in the form confirmation dialog? (Clicking out through the confirmation dialog and appending this field value to our destination URL, would be fantastic if possible?)


Hey Glen,
Have you checked out this FAQ on pre-populating form fields? If you are following that article and it’s not working for you, please let me know which page and I’ll take a closer look.

As for updating values on the form confirmation page itself (I.E. “Thank you first_name” and the URL example you provided) this isn’t currently possible, but is something we’ve discussed adding support for. I will keep this thread up dated when that becomes possible.

Let me know if you’re still having trouble with the first issue.



Works for me - was looking in the HTML and the fields weren’t populated, must be some javascript that’s doing it. Happy customer!