Form Confirmation URL not working


my submit button is going to instead of the url i put

i even tried putting a different URL in the Form confirmation but it doesnt work!


Hi Robert,

Can you send an email to support with the URL of the page you are having this problem with and we will take a look at it.




Sorry, the support email address is


it’s fixed now

i saw that you not only do you have to put the link in the GO TO URL

you need to click on the button …and go to GENERAL
and put the link in there as well



There is no need to specify the URL in more than one place. If you would like a form to go to a URL after it is submitted:

  1. Select the form
  2. In the properties panel on the right hand side select “Go to URL” from the drop-down menu for “Form Confirmation”
  3. Enter the URL in the text field provide.

There is no need to make any changes to the button.

The problem Robert was experiencing was due to a bug in Unbounce that caused the button to lose it’s association with the form. The bug has been fixed in our testing environment and will be deployed to very soon.

If anyone is experiencing similar problems to this please email and we will address the issue.