Form confirmation actions


On form confirmation, it goes to the server url (Since i have selected “Go to url” ) and gets the response . i want to display a thank you form confirmation dialogue box here and then redirect to my Homepage. Can this be done ?



This can be done by adding a script on your thank you form dialogue.

Here is an example:

    // Your URL
    var url = '';
    // Delay before the redirect takes place, in seconds
    var delay = 0;
     window.setTimeout(function() {, '_top');
    }, delay * 1000);

The “delay * 1000” is 1000 seconds - you can change this to whatever you like!


Hey Stefano,

After the user submits the form i want to use “go to url”, append the url paramaters and redirect to my homepage.


On form submission following actions should take place

  1. Thank you dialogue box
  2. Go to url : where i have url parameters appended that submits data to my CRM