Feedback Wanted: Republish in the builder?


Hi everyone, 
It’s Vivi from the Product Team. We heard all your voices on having a quick way to republish all your changes inside the Page Builder. I’d like to ask you few questions to validate some of our ideas.

  1. Do you typically want to publish a page for the first time from the builder, or only re-publishing changes to live pages?
  2. Is there any information about your page that you’d like to know before you republish your changes?

Any feedback you have feel free to share it. 


I’d prefer to have a republish option inside the editor. I see no downside to having that.


I agree with Jostein, a republish button in the page builder would be awesome!


Seems like a no-brainer…you already have to save it in the editor, should be simple to republish too!


Thanks for everyone’s feedback so far, it’s understandable that having a republish button inside the builder will save everybody loads of time. I have one follow up question. 

In the case when you have more than 1 variant on your page, what is your expectation when you hit the ‘republish’ button in the builder? 
a. Only republish the variant you’re currently editing 
b. Republish all variants on your page


Hi Stuart, 
Thanks for your thorough feedback. Regarding the ‘republish all’ button we’ve heard this request before and currently it’s still in the validating phase to do more bulk actions on the all pages level. Rest assured it’s on our roadmap and we’ll keep you updated as we progress. 

Thanks for the feedback, Stuart!


Personally, I would expect it to only republish the variant I’m currently working on, but I’m curious to see how others feel about this. 


Agree with Jusin. I would expext republishing only the variant I am working on. There could be a number of reasons why I would not want to publish other variants :slight_smile:


Yes I agree, only the page/variant I have open in the editor. 


Thanks for the heads up, the good news just keeps coming! :slight_smile:


I agree, only on the variant I am currently working on!


Hi Vivi,

For me it’s a pain to have to keep going in and out of the editor to republish an existing page, I’m not all that worried about new pages, I’d be quite happy to have to go out and do it the way it is the first time. It’s a real pain when your making changes to current content etc though so literally moving the re-publish button inside the editor will save me heaps of loading time!

While we are at it can I also request a “republish all” button? I quite often open multiple tabs/editor windows from a client or group, make multiple changes, then save them and have to republish individually. It would be great to have a republish all or a screen with tick boxes to say which ones to republish.

No information needed apart from perhaps date & time of the last successful save so we can check we are publishing the recent changes and they have saved properly.

Thanks :slight_smile: