Feedback on Landing Page, por favor!



I’d love to get some feedback from the unbounce community on our landing page:

Please, let me know any comments, tips, suggestions, questions, etc… 

Greatly appreciate your help!



A few things. The image of the bike is pixelated and pulls away from the “first impression” quality. Actually most of your images are pixelated. You call to action is asking if I want an invitation to try the bars before the launch, but I don’t actually know what that means. I figure if I want to try a bar, I’d just want to put my address information in there and expect some to show up at my house. The red button call to action button makes me a bit scared, it looks like a warning. 


Overall I like it a lot. It achieves what a landing page is all about, it gives the main features and benefits, a clear call to action, and provides trust testimonies.  This is so much better than trying to find this from a corporate web page. The CTA is short and you don’t request many fields.  I bet it will convert very well.  


I’ve never heard about Naakbars, so no idea what it was about when I landed on the page. First thing i see is a someone on a bike. I’m into cycling myself so it caught my attention to want to find out more. Problem that arises, what if I wasn’t into cycling but into motorbikes or horses instead. I’d immediately, think, ’ hmmm… not me…’ but curiousity would push me to want to find out more before I entered my email address.

Note: I don’t consider the colour red a warning sign at all. It catches my attention, but I do not ascribe it a negative emotion at all. I could be an outlier in that regard, though :wink:

So, I scroll down and I immediately find out what it’s about. Nutrition bars. It looks delicious. It gives me all I want to know about their ingredients.

The Athletes’ review is helpful because they describe the flavour and what they like about it. 

Next, is the email address box again. This is good. I am encouraged once more to respond.

I would be keen to be one of the first to try it, but I’m in Australia. I doubt you’d want to send them here considering the cost of postage. Maybe add a list of places you are willing to post these to or exclude anyone outside Canada, so Canada residents only. 

All the images are clear and clean. No problems there. I viewed this on my laptop, not mobile device. 

Hope this helps. 


It’s a nice landing page.
Here are a few details:

  • Your logo in the top left corner is not clear, i guess this is due to a wronglymade resizing inside unbounce, because at the source of the logo ( the picture is clear.
  • it’s a personnal choice, but i would put the text in your CTA in white and not in black.
  • Also in the French version of the page, i would put “Demander une invitation” instead of “Demander invitation”.


I gotta ask… how did you get the sliding text? It is a very cool feature on both mobile and desktop. I would wonder how it impacts conversion rates, might be a good a/b test.



Hey Joe - 
Here is a link to the sliding text method we used:
Thanks for the feedback!


Hey Frantz - Thanks for the feedback, it makes a lot of sense. We’ll work on the images. Would it make more sense for you to have a ‘Try the bar’ or ‘Taste the Naak Bar’ call to action? And then, you receive the information of the process per email? 
Let me know,


Hello Dan - 

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. We’ll let you know when we’ll come to Australia! 



Thanks a lot, Julien. We’re working on all those points you highlighted. I really appreciate your help. Best, 


Yes, I think your CTA would do much better with that since you are trying to “I want to” as the CTA. But of course use Unbounce to do the A/B/C testing with different CTAs and see which one does best. 


Fantastic. Thanks Frantz!


How exactly do you implement the sliding text on an Unbounce page?


Just checked out your landing page and did not review the feedback above to avoid being influenced by it - sorry in advance for any redundancies.  First impression landing on the page was that I was being sold a bike or a bike racing event.  The image of the bar itself is fantastic (and subjectively looks pretty good)!  Perhaps you could A/B test having the bar above the fold?  Just one person’s feedback :slight_smile: wishing you all the best!


I just looked at the latest design and I really like it.  You provide two easy places to enter just an email address.  I like how you included the footer contact information, I am using something like that on my pages for those who wish to connect back to main company pages.  It’s not a leak in my mind, but something which adds validity to your page. 

Wondering how conversions have been going.  



It is actually easier than it looks! But will be a little funky to test as you won’t see the live version until you publish the page.

Copy the CSS into the page builder in a new sheet. Then in your text box click view source, and paste in the example text. 

Then edit your text & css to match your page style. The tricky part with this is all of the elements in that block will be controlled by the css not the page builder. So if you don’t know css (or have a dev nearby)  that is where you can start to run into trouble.