Feature Request: please add folders to the images dialog!


Feature Request: please add folders to the images dialog!


Better ways to manage assets is definitely on our radar for the not to distant future whether that be folders, tagging, filtering, search or some combination of these.

In the meantime we will be releasing a feature that allows you delete assets in the very near future. Possibly early next week.



Any update on this feature?  I still don’t see a way to file images in folders.


Hi Peter,

I’m Topp Brocales, product designer here at Unbounce. I’m happy to say that we’re currently working on improvements to the image gallery! 

We will be releasing performance updates to the gallery really soon. If you have hundreds of images in your gallery, it will load a lot faster. I know it won’t solve the issue of managing those assets but we’re working towards that goal.

Folders will be in the later stage of this project. The next step for us is to allow simultaneous upload of multiple images. Please keep an eye out for future announcements and let us know if you have any other questions.