Fake Zip Code Processing/Checking Overlay In Between Form Submit and Confirmation Page


Basically, I would like a basic overlay post clicking a form submit button to show that we are actually searching/checking to see if the input value (Zip code, Postcode etc) is available.

After you enter a postcode, zip code, city etc and submit form, a overlay should appear for like 3 seconds before seeing the successful confirmation page.

Just like this website http://check.localsolarscheme.tk/


Hi there!

I have a script that can auto-redirect a lightbox after X amount of seconds. Would that help you in this case? Let me know and I will zip it over!



Hello Stefano,

I am looking for something exactly the same as that link or something very close. It has to be on form submission.


Yeah it should be fairly easy to set it up.

You can set the form submission confirmation dialog box to open up a Lightbox that you can customize to give the impression that it is “Processing…” then include a script that will automatically redirect to another page after X amount of seconds.

Place this script on your lightbox after the form submission:

    // Your URL
    var url = 'https://your.url/';
    // Delay before the redirect takes place, in seconds
    var delay = 0;
     window.setTimeout(function() {
      window.open(url, '_top');
    }, delay * 1000);


Hi Stefano,

Sorry for the late response. That defo works great.

Need a way to create a processing effect maybe using a gif image or something. That aside.

Would this be able to work where I have a landing page for form fill and the end page would be the form confirmation dialogue box? Is there a way to use multiple boxes so that we have a processing lightbox inbetween?