Fake Form Fills - WTF


Does anybody else get fake form fills…i mean a high number of them? Why is that? What’s the point of somebody filling out a fake form fill for a request to get more info (i understand if they’re getting a whitepaper or something valuable).


They can be bots trying to get backlinks but they cannot tell what your page is, so the bot fills out the form. There are lots of programs that do that.

Or it could be traffic. It happens when I run interstitial ads since the traffic is cheap and not very good.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, Jeff!


I am having the same issue.

If I buy cheap traffic I always get bots. If I buy traffic from adwords I get real conversions.

Recently, however, I have been getting alot of Arabic, Persian and Indian names even though I am targeting the US on my Adword campaigns. Any ideas why? Prob the wrong place to ask it, but its worth a try before I start digging deeper.



i buy from adwords search and am getting bots. i had to not only target the US but exclude every other country. that helped a lot.


Ok great, thanks alot. I’ll give it a try.