External conversion tracking won't work if success page is on Unbounce


Here’s what I’m trying to do:

  1. User comes to landing page on Unbounce with Wufoo embedded form
  2. User gets redirected from successful form completion to success page on Unbounce
  3. Unbounce external conversion tracking being used to track landing page conversions

The problem is that, with the success page also hosted on Unbounce, the conversion is being incorrectly attributed to the success page rather than the landing page. I understand this is how the Unbounce external tracking JavaScript works–it looks at the last Unbounce page the visitor saw on the same domain–but the code should exclude the current page from that calculation.

We want to use Unbounce for both the landing page and success page because then we can add another conversion on the success page, such as a click-through to a partner site, or a coregistration sign-up. So, I recommend tweaking the external conversion tracking logic so it works as follows:

  1. Check if user has visited an Unbounce page on the current domain not including the current page the user is on
  2. Assign the conversion to that page, not the current page

I’m (naturally :)) hoping this can be implemented soon, because otherwise using external conversion tracking requires us to create and host pages elsewhere, which kind of defeats the purpose of using Unbounce.


Hi Simon!

First, thanks for the great description, I understand exactly what you’re running into.

There are a couple things in the works that would address this. We’re hoping to do better Wufoo integration so you don’t need the third-party tracking script to track conversions. We’re also looking to add the ability to specify “conversion types” for the external tracking script, so you can identify specifically which pages should be searched to associate a particular type of conversion with. In this case, your success page wouldn’t be associated with that type. But both of these solutions are probably weeks away.

I can have a quick look and see if there’s an easy way for us to implement something like what you’re suggesting.

One quick question for you, what Wufoo features are you using that our built-in Unbounce forms lack? Using a built-in Unbounce form would also solve this, but I assume we’re missing something you need, would love to hear what that is…


Thanks, Carl. We had to use Wufoo primarily for three reasons:

  1. To create a multi-page form (to avoid having one massively long form).
  2. To use form field rules (e.g. if user selects “Canada,” show a list or provinces–and much more complex stuff).
  3. To use form notification rules (e.g. if submission meets a certain set of criteria, send a notification to a specific person).

Hope that helps,

PS: If Unbounce offered more complex form and lead management functionality, we would certainly use that instead. But I know that’s not your core focus–and would hate to see you dilute your strengths.


Hey Simon!

Again, thanks for the great feedback. That makes sense, and we’d hate to dilute our strengths too!

I’ve just coded up a fix for this. When we initially get this out in production, you’ll have to add a small flag to the conversion tracking code (turning on current page exclusion), but once we’re happy it’s all working we’ll make that the default. Once it’s deployed I’ll let you know!



This is an old topic I know, but I need help on this.

I have set up a page that loads the form in an iframe sliding in from the side. Once submitted you will get a confirmation page in the same iframe.

So this experience consist of 3 pages:

  1. Landing Page: http://effekt.conversionlab.no/slide/
  2. Form: http://effekt.conversionlab.no/skjema/
  3. Confirmation page: http://effekt.conversionlab.no/skjema-takk/

The 3 pages are all on Unbounce using the same domain/subdomain as you can see, and the external tracking script is added to the confirmation page. 

Since I want to A/B test this page to another page where the form is ON the same page I need the conversions to be tracked on the landing page itself. Hence the external conversion tracking.
The external tracking script is placed before the body end tag on the confirmation page - but it’s not pinging back to the landing page.

Please help!


Hey Finge! 

Looks like there hasn’t been any movement on this. I’m going to forward this to our technical team so they can follow up ASAP. Hang tight!


Thanks Justin :slight_smile:


Nice slider Finge!


Thank you, Mark!


Hello, I have similar issue (all pages in Unbounce). I am using an initial landing page with a CTA button. Upon clicking the button, the user goes to a page with the first step of a form (5 fields). Submission of that form/step takes the user to a third page with the second/final step form (5 more fields).

At first, I mistakenly put the external conversion tracking code on the 2nd page/first step form. This counted a conversion every time a user clicked through to the page (not submitted the form, as intended). I can’t use the submission confirmation page here, because the user needs to be taken to the final page to complete the form.

I then put the external code on the third page,because I want the initial landing page to be credited with a conversion even if the user completes just the first step of the form (creating a lead).

Problem is, now the external conversion is being credited to second page instead of the first. Seems my use case should be a common scenario, since even Unbounce has recommended not putting the form on the initial landing page. Anyone combining that practice with a multi-page form will run into the same issue, unless there is a fix available.

Please advise if there is a way to track conversions for the landing page, more than one Unbounce page down the funnel. Thanks!


Hi Gaurav, 
At this point in time the external conversion tracking script is only going to work for the immediate page prior to firing. We’ve only a couple requests for this type of functionality in the past, but definitely feel free to submit your idea into the Community so others can vote on it as well. 


Sorry to be so slow updating this thead. We released this fix a few days ago, and you don’t have to tweak your script at all. This should work automatically now…


Does anyone know if a solution for this was ever found? We’d love to track back up the funnel and attribute a conversion beyond just the immediate previous unbounce page that was visited.


Following up - is there a way to fire off Unbounce conversion events while still on an Unbounce page? For example, I want to embed a Marketo form, and when it is submitted, fire an Unbounce conversion using JavaScript. I installed the external conversion tracker as a global script, and tried firing _ubaq.push(['trackGoal', 'convert']); when the form is submitted, but I’m not seeing my conversion count increment in the dashboard.