Error when user clicks on a link that's a goal to open it in a new tab. (clkg)


When the user click on a link (or button) that is a goal to open it in a new page, it shows an error like this one: We’re sorry, but the link you followed appears to be invalid.

It’s bad usability for users who love to open links in new tabs and not just clicking them.

Is there a way to prevent this?


Hi Henrique - opening in a new tab should work on any link (those set as goals and those that aren’t). You will see that error if you copy the link and paste it into your URL bar though. And, sometimes if the latter has happened already, that error will be cached by your browser. I’ve opened up a support ticket, so we can dig into this further for you. Please look out for my email.


Hi Quinn, I am still having the reported problem on safari. Here is the web page: Thanks, Ksenia


Hi Ksenia - I had a quick look at your account and it’s not the same issue that Henrique was seeing.

Your custom domain doesn’t have an active CNAME record pointing to yet, so your pages will be having display issues across all browsers.

We have an article that runs through that and also has specific instructions for the most popular DNS providers here.

If you’ve already tried to set up your CNAME record, can you send us an email to with screenshots from your DNS provider so we can dig into your specific issue?


Hi Ksenia, 
I’m going to go ahead and open this as a new ticket so we can follow up with you directly. Hang tight!


Hi, was this ever resolved? I’m experiencing the same problem.


Hi Quinn, we had trouble with CNAME for a few days, yet this is unrelated to the problem. If you look at the website now, you’ll see that RIGHT CLICKING does not open a page on Safari and shows an error. 


Still does not work for me. 


Hey all, 
Basically, this is pretty much a Safari bug.
We fire a 301 on the clkn/clkg links for tracking and Safari doesn’t pass the header across, so if you right-click and open in a new tab and it goes to a different domain, it bails.

If this isn’t something that is resolved on the Safari platform going forward, we might have to look into a workaround for this, but at this point in time there’s not much further we can do to prevent this behaviour (for now). 


Is it possible to stop the tracking for these links manually and just have a link? I mean I better have a not-tracked link that works then a tracked link into nirvana on safari?


Hi Chris, 
At this time there’s no way to disable the built-in tracking, as they’re automatically applied to every link in the builder. This is still on our radar though, we just haven’t had too many inquiries about it. I’ll see if we can provide an update on this.