Error when submit form in my landind page


I’ve made a landing page with a survey. It _s not the right tool for surveys, I know, but I’m taking the opportunity for testing the tool.
When I submit, an error shows up in the browser:
We’re sorry the form could not be submitted because something went wrong. Please try again.
What am I doing wrong? To many fields to fill?


Hi Martinfdez - thanks for letting us know about this.

We’re investigating what the problem might be and will reply to you on this thread just as soon as we have a handle on it.


I’m getting the same error using a default Lead Gen - Coming Soon page, which has just an e-mail field. I need this to be fixed urgently!


Hi Rafael, this was something else entirely. We had a reasonably malicious web crawler start hitting our servers a few hours ago, which has caused a couple issues. We’ve made a couple adjustments to block this traffic, which appears to be working. Can you test your form submissions again? Apologies for the hassle!


I’m also having this issue with a basic contact form. Nothing very complicated.


Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the contact form on your landing page. Check out our Unbounce Answers page on forms to get pointed in the right direction, or feel free to contact if there’s anything we can help you with.…


Hi Martin! The form you created exceeded the storage we had allocated for form responses. As you point out, we really didn’t design our forms feature for surveys. That said, we’ve enlarged the form response field, so your form should work now! Let us know if you run into further issues.