Empty space after a text box visible only on published version



I have a few text boxes on my page (sequential ) and in the development version it looks good, however, after publishing it there is a huge space after the text boxes. It has happened the same with my other ages (there was a very huge gap at the end of the page just after the text box). I have even tried putting the text on each other on the development version and it worked - however not on the Internet Explorer. The 1st picture is the unbounce version and the 2nd is a published version on Chrome. Is there anything I can do to fix it.


Hi @Agne,

Could you share your link with us? That’ll allow us to take a better look!


Yes, here it is:


Hi Agne,

It looks fine here, no gap!
But what can sometimes happen is, that whilst editing the text, you have a few linebreaks only visible in the source of the text field.

If you click to highlight the textfield and then click source in the bottom left, check to see if there’s any empty linebreaks, paragraphs or headers.

Hope it works!

  • Andreas Obel