Emojis are not rendering


Hi, I’ve added a bunch of emojis on my landing page and it doesn’t show up.

Basically I’m getting that " ��‍��" instead of the emojis.

Anyone has the same problem?


Hey @gokrispy,

The issue you are facing basically comes down to how computer operating systems AND browsers handle & interpret the Unicode standard.

If you want your visitors to be able to see the emojis, you’ll need to load a font that supports them.
However, due to the size of the latest Unicode spec that emoji font can add some serious “weight” to your page.

There are open source projects that are trying to tackle this issue so you might want to take a look at this Github repo.

Alternatively, you can simply load the emojis as SVGs.



Hi, I’ve tested it in deferent recent browser and it seems to be an Unbounce problem. It shows up well in the editor but soon as I publish it shows this ��‍�� on any browser.

It seems that Unbounce converts the Emojis when it is rendering the page.

Also it would be great that you add “FontAwesome” :slight_smile:


Hey @gokrispy,

As I mentioned yesterday, browsers would only display emojis if they can look up the Unicode and cross reference it in a font file.

It’s not a matter of new vs. old browsers.

As far as FontAwesome, you can always load that up through the JS/CSS panels.



So like :grinning: this emoji right here, it is because it can cross reference it in a font file in the community font file?


Another question, why does it looks good at the “Editor” stage in Unbounce but doesn’t look good at the published?


Based on a quick look, it seems Discourse puts up an image when you use an emoji in the community.