Email templates


Can our team create email layouts as well as landing pages? At our company we create them as a pair and it would be HUGE if we can also use Unbounce to create inbox friendly emails


Hey Tom! That’s a great idea (changed your “question” to an “idea”, hope you don’t mind). We don’t have that capability today, but that sounds like the sort of thing we should explore. Would love to know which email service you use…?


We use Mail Chimp!


I had the same question and would love this feature.


An interesting idea, definitely something I’d like to see explored nearly all of the landing pages I make are for use with email marketing. I use Silverpop.


We could really use this functionality too!


i would like to have this also !!!


I agree…need to have as well. Would be nice to have the email mimic the landing page design - especially with the great functionality of the landing page designer…I’d even pay more to have that additional module that created the file needed to load/link.


I am all in for that one as well. Would save so much headache!


Just had the same thought. We use mailchimp. I wanted to make my email look like one of the content blocks on my landing page so that the email could look like the landing page without having to code it myself.


We use campaign monitor and like this idea from 6 years ago too :slight_smile: