[Early Adopters]: Try Our Newly Expanded Lightbox Feature!



We’ve already solved the issue of being able to put external lightboxes on your landing page without using any code, but today we want to take it one step further and release an enhanced and completely new experience for building lightboxes in Unbounce. With this new feature release, you’ll be able to design, customize and publish all of your landing pages’ lightboxes right from within the page itself. This means no more publishing separate ‘lightbox’ pages, and no more juggling URL’s.

There’s a few other gems to look out for, too. If you’ve ever wanted to put a form in a pop-up, you’ve likely had to employ a workaround that involved a couple different pages linking to one another. Well, I’m happy to report that you’ll finally be able to open a lightbox with a form in itand be able to attribute those leads to your original page! Boo-yeah!

Not only that, but the traffic that hits your lightboxes won’t be double-counted against your traffic quota (like it currently is if you’re linking to another Unbounce page). Finally, lightboxes are also mobile-responsive so you don’t need to worry about which device your viewers are coming from.

This is a huge release, and I’m happy to announce that this feature will be available to the public by January, 2016. However, If you want to get early access to this feature right now, just be one of the first 50 people to leave a comment below and we’ll enable it on your account.

Happy Lightboxing!


UPDATE - January 4, 2016:

We’re opening the Lightbox beta up to even more users starting today!

We’ve enabled our newly expanded Lightbox feature up to 50 early adopters, and so far we’ve experienced no major issues. In fact, feedback has been super positive! 

Due to the success of the launch, we’re going to be letting more customers into the beta starting now. All you have to do is leave a comment in this thread and we’ll enable it on your account within 24 hours.

UPDATE - January 7, 2016: 
Thanks to one of our all-star beta testers (looking at you, John Ndege!) we’ve uncovered a little bug that prevents the form from communicating with integrations properly if the form is placed in a lightbox. The leads are still collected, but they’re not pushing back out to any integrations at this time.

Our teams are working hard to correct this, but we don’t have a solid ETA on a fix just yet. In the meantime, if you have integrations we suggest leaving the form on the main page instead of in the lightbox for now. 

We’ll also keep this thread updated with the progress on this bug.

UPDATE - February 2, 2016:
We’ve hit our limit for beta testers for this feature so we’re going to shut the signup process down. A huge thanks goes out to everyone who volunteered! Stay tuned to the Community for more feature announcements, and keep an eye out for the official launch of Lightboxes in Unbounce.

UPDATE - March 4, 2016:
_ _We’ve officially released this as a full feature in Unbounce. Start adding lightboxes to your landing page today!


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