[Early Adopters] Try Our New Lightbox Feature!


We’ve been hard at work recently developing a feature that will allow you to put lightboxes on your landing pages quickly and easily - with absolutely no code required.

That means you can now open both links and images in beautiful lightboxes of varying sizes without touching any javascript. Check out this demo page to see a published page in action!

I’m happy to announce that this feature is almost ready for primetime, so we’re looking for volunteers from the Community to give it a spin before it’s officially released.

If you’re interested in trying out this feature before it’s released, leave a comment below and we’ll enable it on your account!

Happy Lightboxing!


how do i enable it?



This sounds interesting–please enable in the account associated with my email


Yes please enable for us! Already using the code work-arounds a lot.


What we really need though is the ability to put forms and other elements in the lightbox. Not just simply opening an image or an external url.


Would love to try this out!


awesome feature, definitely would love to try it out :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I was looking for at this moment.
Can’t wait to try it.


Sign me up!


sign me up!


yes please!


Sounds great!


Would love to try this.



please add it to my act asap, thank you. Been waiting forever for this feature. Im so excited.


This looks epic Justin!
I was just thinking through a custom implementation for this exact feature, so the timing couldn’t be better. Feel free to add it to my account, with the email associated to this profile if possible. I’m fired up!


Hi Jeremy, 

This is something that our developers are actively working on right now. It will take us a few more weeks before its ready to go (we have to make sure it works well with lots of other features, e.g. statistics and reporting, custom scripts and mobile). 

If you are interested in early access, keep an eye out here in the community. 


Yes - please add it to my account!


Yes, I would like this enabled. Thanks!


We’ve been creating these with js for a while and this is a great feature to be adding in. Sign us up please!


Yep, please enable this for our account too.