Early Access: Try the NEW Unbounce Builder Refresh


Hello Community!

Since 2009, marketers have used Unbounce to build landing pages tailored for your future customers. Well, we’ve taken a page out of your book and have spent some time tailoring the builder itself to better suit the 2016 marketer. The new builder refresh will have a lighter, brighter and more approachable design. 

We’ll be releasing the redesigned builder to the public in weeks ahead, but we wanted to give our friends in the Community early access to this redesign now as our way of saying thanks for your continued support.

To get early access to the new Builder Refresh:

1. From the All Pages screen, select “Settings”.

2. Under “Settings”, select “Labs Features”.

3. Select “Enable Builder Refresh” and click “Update Settings”

4. Enjoy the brand new builder!

You can jump back into old Builder while this feature is still in Labs, but eventually all Unbounce accounts will be automatically switched over since the improved Builder comes along with some backend improvements that will help our future product features run faster than ever before!

Love the new look? Let us know what you think in the comments below!




Looks great! I’ve gotten our team on board and will send feedback. Thanks for hooking this up!



I just tried the new look and i think you went a little bit extreme. it’s a personal opinion and i may be in the minority :slight_smile: Here is my remark after 10 minutes looking really into it:

You removed almost all color in the butons and in the panels so it’s harder for me to separate the different options. In the right panel it lack some depth (i know it’s the principle of the flat design, but please don’t go flat design just for the sake of it).

The new header (the logo + page overview / variant number, etc)  is great.

the ideal for me would be a mix between the two versions.  The new one but keeping some nice little details from the old one like the green circle behind the number of Javascript active or the better separation between the properties in the right panel. --> the right panel needs more work in my opinion.

Anyway keep up the good work !


It looks great so far! And yes, it does seem faster, especially the image uploader. That thing was driving me crazy for months. Really excited to see this refresh.


Woot woot! LOVE it!


Can’t wait to hear what you guys/gals think!


Thanks for your feedback, Julien! We really appreciate it. 


Glad to hear that, Nicholas!


It’s definitely faster. Great job - as always.


Hey Julien, great feedback! We’ve actually built the new look to have interchangeable color options (theming) into it’s core. While it’s not a feature we’re launching the refresh with, it’s something that we have been investigating.


Awesome, Kyle!


Finge, how are you finding the new Page Properties panel on the right hand side? 


Have been working some in the new editor now. What at first seemed very clean and nice might be TOO clean and nice. I would prefer more contrast overall making it easier to distinguish fields from labels. 

I also think that each main section like Geometry, Title & Meta data etc could be highlighted better.

One final point is that each element takes a lot of space, perhaps the font size is a tad too much.


Can’t wait for theming!


This is definitely a step in the right direction, I’m looking forward to seeing the final result after user refinement.

Some points to think about:

Colour scheme is too wish-washy; not enough contrast, I think more of the unbounce blue would be nice especially for buttons.

The icons on the left tool bar need to be better some look very similar and have too much detail. is the small arrow in the circle on each icon really needed? they look clunky and old. maybe move away from having then inside of a shape and stick with icons divided by lines?



Also the colours in the script editor are way to light it looks like the code is in a disabled state and it make it hard to read.


After some testing, poking, prodding, and tickling, the consensus is that we really dig it. The flat design really helps the UI elements to not distract from page creation, and the whole interface just feels more fluid and smooth. And faster!


Really awesome to hear, Andrew!


Hey Gabriel, color has been brought up a number times during user and it’s going to be a high priority fix before we officially release this. Thanks for all the feedback on the buttons and script editor as well!