Dynamic Form Confirmation URL based on querystring parameters


I have a form on a landing page.  I want to dynamically set the confirmation URL that the user goes to after they submit the form to be changed based on an incoming querystring parameter.  There will be several pages coming into this one page.  and I want it to go to a specific page based on where they come from.


Maybe you can insert the traffic source on a hidden field on the form, then append the form data to the URL?


Hi there, 

As Jeremy suggested you will need to store the incoming parameters and write a script that upon form submission redirects based on those same parameters. 

This is not something Unbounce supports out of the box but it’s doable with some javascript. 


P.S. If you need help coding this, email me with a bit more details and I can give you a quote. 


Is it possible to show confirmation page based up on the webhook response like success or failure.

Thanks in advance.