Domains, Google Analytics and Landing page


I have my landing page design ready and I want to integrate it with Google Analytics so I can track the actions, but I don’t have the domain ill be using ready yet. Do I have to wait for the domain first, link the domain with Google Analytics first and then transfer the tracking code to Unbounce? Or can I use a tracking code from Google Analytics before I have the domain ill be using for the landing page?

Thank you.

@Valeria_Vila domain doesn’t matter. you can still generate a tracking script in GA and use it :wink:

More details if you are interested:
In your GA content reports, however, where we have the small (open in new tab) icon next to the page URL, when u click on it, it will try to open the URL path on a domain that you added in your GA set up which will most likely give a 404 if you have not connected your domain but i guess that shouldn’t be a problem if you know about it :slight_smile:

GA content reports shows only the page path and not the full URL unless you have the full URL filter.

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