Does anyone have any experience Integrating with Real Validation, a phone number validation service using their API?


We get bad phone numbers from time to time and were looking at a realtime phone number validation service to check them before they get sent out to sales reps.

We are doing a free trial of this service. Link to API doc here:…

My programming skills are a bit rusty–does anyone know if this can be used to send the API the zip code and phone number, then somehow get the response? Either through a webhook or programming it in on the page?


Hi there,

I don’t have a full solution for you here, but hopefully I can get you pointed in the right direction.

Instead of using a webhook, you’ll instead need to use JavaScript to make an AJAX request to their API. Your script would then wait for a response and then only submit the form if the response indicated that the phone number was genuine.

jQuery is included on all published pages, so if you are a JavaScript developer or have access to one, this shouldn’t be too hard with jQuery.ajax().

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the info! My programming skills are a bit rusty but if I get it working I’ll post more here.