Document download in new web window


On a form confirmation page I’ve created, I’ve a download button for the main content and I’ve also added some additional information that can be downloaded via some other download buttons. Is there a way to set the document download to open in a new window? This will make it easier for the viewer to download all the content.

Document download in new web window

Hey Jamie - there sure is

Just select the button you want to open it’s link in a new window, then choose “New Window (_blank)” from the target drop down menu.


Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to do this for a ‘download file’ option as opposed to a ‘go to URL’?


I agree with Jamie. I need the “download file” to open in a new window. (i.e. target="_blank") Replacing the current URL to easily results in users clicking the back button to read info on the landing page. …or worse, re-clicking the paid ad. I’d use the URL option, but we don’t have access to the client’s web server to upload the file there. I tried uploading the PDF into the Unbounce images, but PDF file type is denied.


Hey Angie! I’ve surfaced this issue with our team so they can dig in and evaluate scope. No promises on ETA, but if it’s a quick win we’ll try and get it out. Worst case scenario we have plans to make some pretty big improvements to lead-gen forms in general slotted for Q2 this year, and we’d wait until then to make this improvement.


Thanks, Carter! The more I thought about it, the more I’m concerned about back button clicks impact “conversion” logic in GA for the thank you page as well. I didn’t get to test this yet. Have you?

Some quick fix ideas:
(A) Open all “Download File” links in a new tab/window by default. (Best Practice)
(B) Add a consistent HTML id attribute name to the button and provide users a jquery snippet to include on the thank you page that would insert the target="_blank" attribute. << I’d take this option without the ID change. We could figure out the page-specific ID if necessary.


Any chance this can be escalated? Since I changed to using the “Download File” option, we have several duplicate and triplicate lead form submissions for the same user. This makes notifications confusing, and totally throws off conversion stats. With no option to remove leads submitted, this really messes with the data. I’m guessing the UX is not positive for the user either, since they’re obviously clicking back and forth. Can you guys please put together a jQuery snippet that inserts target="_blank" on the button that we can implement immediately as a short term solution?


Hey Angie Ñ sorry for the delay. I have written this up as a bug and escalated it. The team has been pretty busy (we’re very close to releasing a copy&paste feature) but this issue will be addressed soon. I’ll update the thread once the team has had a chance to triage it and we have a better idea of ETA.