Difference Adwords Statistics and Unbounce Visit


Hi there,
I have a problem, I use unbounce for my adwords campaign. But visit statistics are very very different from the number of clics that adwords tells me. (I can understand a small difference but this is too much) Can somebody help me ? Thanks.


Hey Adrien - there could be a handful of reasons you’re noticing a difference in AdWords vs Unbounce.

  1. When comparing numbers from any two systems, the results are bound to be different. Among other factors, tracking methods and bot filtering are two of the most common reasons for this discrepancy. For example, Google Analytics and Google AdWords uses script based tracking whereas Unbounce’s is server based.

  2. Another reason you may be seeing a difference is due to how you’ve set your URL in AdWords. In Google AdWords, you can either set it as a Keyword Destination URL or an Ad Destination URL. If you’ve set the URL as a Keyword Destination URL, it may be overriding the Ad Level URL in your Ad group which would affect your reporting.

Check your email Adrien, I’ve opened up a support ticket for you so we can puzzle this out!


Hey Adrien - I wanted to circle back as it looks like my Support Ticket hasn’t reached you.

If you’re still having trouble, please be sure to contact us at support[at]unbounce[dot].com. We’ll be sure to help!


Hi Lou, thanks for reply,
in fact what I meant for example, my destination URL is http://landing.ekipazofutbol.com/cree…
and is the destination for an entire ad group in adwords.

When I see the unbounce statistics, I got 17 visits only for this page since I am on unbounce…but when I go on adwords clics stats, I got 20 clics per day on the ad that leads to the destination url. The difference is too big for not having a problem somewhere.

So I do not know who to believe here !


Hi, there! Was this topic resolved, anyhow? I am experiencing the same problem with my unbounce pages and analytics: Unbounce shows me we had 462 vistors, but google counts only 164 unique visitors. It’s not a small difference.

Can anybody help us with this?

Thanks a lot,


Hey Raphael

I can’t seem to find Adriens ticket, but i’d be happy to help you narrow down why your seeing such a discrepancy.

I’m starting a support ticket for you. Lookout for my email!


Hey Raphael - Still haven’t received a reply to the email I sent you. Did it not come through to your inbox? If you still need assistance send an email to support@unbounce.com