Desktop / Mobile Font Consistency

Hi all,

I wonder if you can help…

On the desktop of my landing page the paragraph / body text is the size I want it to be but on mobile the text becomes really small and hard to read. If I increase the text size it then affects the desktop. I’ve tried scaling it up and it does increase the size to make it more readable but it then goes beyond the width of the mobile page which is another problem.

Has anyone had the same issue? I presume best practice is to toggle the small text off on mobile, create it again on mobile with the right size / dimensions, and toggle that off desktop mode?

Would that be the right approach? Any ideas / alternatives?


Hi @JohnLP!

When on the mobile editor, you should be able to resize your text box width which doesn’t affect the desktop to fit within the mobile space.

One work around you can use is duplicating the text box element on the mobile editor, and then hiding that new element on the desktop. It isn’t ideal, but it is an easy work around.

Feel free to share your page so we can take a better look at it!


Great - thanks @Caroline for the workaround! Duplicating the text box for mobile worked for me :slight_smile:

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