Date-field available for forms


Hi there,

I’d love to see date-field available for forms, with a nice little calendar when a visitor is about to select a date.

That would be awesome for clients taking bookings.


Adrien O’Leary


Hi Adrien,

Thank you for posting your suggestion to our GetSatisfaction boards. Although this is something that we will one day incorporate into the main form builder of Unbounce, for now you would be able to use the steps provided in the following Unbounce Answers article in order to include a “date-picker” widget to your Unbounce page, with a little bit of javascript:…

I hope this helps you achieve the functionality you are looking for with your form while we continue to work on this feature for the main Unbounce system for future implementations.

Jacquelyn | Unbounce Customer Success


Why hasn’t this been addressed yet? Including a date type would be very helpfull. The Jquery UI isn’t mobile friendly.


Agree with Mark


Also, the link is redirecting to the Support page - does anybody have a copy of the javascript needed to add a date picker widget to the unbound page?


Hey there Mark and Havi! We receive lots of requests for changes and updates to our form builder, which means that we need re-think forms in terms of how our application works. Improvements to forms is on our radar for the upcoming year, and we’ll be reevaluating all of the requests for updates and changes. We’ll absolutely be taking another look at this particular request for a date picker (it’s a popular one!). The jQuery Foundation knows that the way datepicker works right now isn’t always friendly for mobile devices and screens, and they do provide a workaround that you may find helpful over here: Keep in mind that it is still a workaround, but it may improve the display of your datepicker on mobile. 


Sorry about that, Havi! You can find the updated link for the datepicker workaround over here:… Feel free to give us a shout at if you have any other questions about implementing this on your page :)