Dash in Field Label being removed


The dash in my field label is being removed when it’s appended to the URL. Is there any way I can get it to leave the dash? I tried some regex but that didn’t work.

URL that I want:

URL that I get:

Field Label value: zip-code



I got back to Michael in another thread we had going, but in case anyone stumbles upon this one and has a similar issue, here’s the workaround.

Unbounce will force any field names to lowercase and also strip out any punctuation, so in Michael’s case, zip-code, becomes zipcode. You can use a bit of Javascript to force it back though.

Just paste the following code in the Javascripts panel (found near the bottom left of each page):

$('#returl').attr('name', 'retURL');
<br />
$('#zipcode').attr('name', 'zip-code'); <br /> </script>   

“zipcode” is what your field name is and “zip-code” in that script is what it will change to when it’s passed as a URL parameter. Just replace those two values with your own field name and what you’d like the parameter name to be if you’re applying it on a different page. It will work for forcing the parameter to have capital letters as well (which some 3rd party applications require).


Thanks Quinn. Works like a charm!

Other thread covering this and URL parameters is here:


This is nuts that it does this in the first place.