Customize the exsisting form validation that appears on right of form in red to include our own - OR custom validation - Very very Urgent!


I have spent the last week and alot of development time and costs on various javascript and unbounce experts and am still nowhere closer to solving adding custom form field validation to my form.

I love unbounce but its useless to me if i cant do UK postcode and custom phone number validation.

We logged a ticket no: 33254 with Mitchelle Mejia who told us that it is possible to do and that all we need to do is write custom javascript and that many other clients have sucessfully done so.

After a week We have now come to a point where the following internal script


Hi Wilhelm,

I’ve checked your ticket and see that there’s been a fair bit of back and forth here – hopefully I can help.

I know you’ve tried writing custom javascript to set up custom field validation, and I know it isn’t working right, but I hope you understand why we can’t troubleshoot 3rd party code. Our team is squarely focused on building new features and while we do our best to support needs that fall outside Unbounce’s core feature set, we just don’t have code to help in this case.

The best recommendation I have is to replace the Unbounce form with a Wufoo or JotForm instead. With WuFoo, for example, you can enable a variety of different validation options. And, you’ll still be able to track conversions using Unbounce’s conversion tracking script.

Again, I’m really sorry for the frustration here and I hope this workaround helps.


Hi Wilhelm,

I had a similar issue requiring custom validation in Unbounce pages. After some digging around and having a decent knowledge of JavaScript, I managed to get my own validation incorporated into an Unbounce landing page.

I put together an example apge to show how I did it here:

Geoff Webb