Custom Forms submitting to Unbounce


So. Ok.

tl;dr can I have a unbounce-style lead generation form hosted on post its data to unbounce for processing?

More detail:
I was asked by our team who uses unbounce to make some changes to the forms. I haven’t used unbounce before. My javascript is strong enough to be able to handle the changes listed below.

The changes are:

  1. adding conditional flow (like, if you answer A for question 1 go to question 3, otherwise go to question 2)
  2. More betterer styling (hover-over colour changes, more intuitive clickable areas)
  3. dynamic form generation (reads in a text file and generates the form on the fly, rather than having to manually create them).

This hasn’t been too difficult to do - thankfully I’ve done similar things before.

However, now I have this custom form, and I want to submit the data to unbounce, because that’s where the data ingestion pipeline is all set up.

I can find lots of documentation about unbounce being able to do stuff after a form submission (e.g. webhooks and redirects), which is great, but I’m coming at this from the other side.

So is there any way to have a non-unbounce form submit data to unbounce? if it’s not directly possible, is it perhaps possible to spoof it by creating an identical form and using the same form id?

I’m hoping there’s a solution.

Thanks in advance.


Deeply impressed with the level of support here. Amazing.


Hi @Chewy,

The Unbounce API currently only supports GET requests.

You might want to look into Zapier and submit the data to it. Of course, you would have to rebuild your data automation through it as well.