Custom Domain Setup Failed


Custom Domain is not working. I had my hosting company do it for me. I’m not sure if they did it wrong, but I don’t think so because according to your system, it says that it seems to be working. Also my host came to the unbounce website to see what the proper steps were for doing this. My landing page is not showing up on my custom domain which is a subdomain @, my landing page I created is . Not sure what’s happening, wanted your help before I call them again. Thanks


Hi Sal - thank you for getting in touch; sorry for taking a few hours to get back to you this morning.

We will look into this and provide you with an update.



thank you very much, it works now!



Similar problem. The status on Unbounce is:  ‘Plugin Setup Required’ for my website domain. I have been talking to Unbounce Support Team. Meghan suggested clearing server cache, and this has been done. The plugin has been installed as per documentation within Unbounce. I can see my domain within ‘change url’ option and Unbounce pages on my Wordpress website.

But status remains unchanged. And the landing page is getting re-directed to 404 page. My campaign is held up. Please help!



Hello Sal - we have gone-in and set the url for your page to the custom domain that you specified and it seems to be working fine now.

We have left the page unpublished just in case you want to further edit the url before republishing, and sent you some pointers on setting/editing the url for your unpublished pages via email.

Hope this helps - thanks for posting!