CTAs without collateral/carrot


Hi Unbounce Community! My company is called Raise Craze and we offer an online fundraising platform for schools, teams, and groups. During the fundraiser, students go out and pay it forward by completing Acts of Kindness for others.

We’ve used the past 2 years experimenting with different downloadable packages for lead data via a form. However, while we’ve converted a lot of people to receive our collateral, we haven’t see enough people actually create an account/fundraiser within our system.

We’re thinking about changing our landing page CTA to “Create Your No-Obligation Fundraiser” or something of the sort. That way, we can better qualify our leads and get people into our software - which we believe, would help people better understand our product. Creating an account is free and users can cancel at anytime!

Thoughts? Is that a no-no in the landing page community?


Really depends on where the visitors are in their customer journey. If this is for cold traffic, I would find it difficult for them to just sign up and create their fundraiser right then and there. They might not feel like they have enough info to get started.

A nice hybrid approach would be to maybe create an “online training library” where they would have to create an account first to gain access the the training materials (ebooks, videos, etc.) all related to fundraising.

That way you’ve incentivized them to sign up, while also not making it required to start creating their fundraiser just yet.