Create a sliding menu or something similar


I’ve used unbounce to design and create a menu website, but need a way to allow users to quickly navigate to sections on the homepage (who are we, how we work etc) and also to other pages (sign up, contact us)

has anyone successfully implemented some sort of responsive slide in or slide down menu?


Hi David - I think I’m with you - just to clarify are you looking for quick links to sections of the homepage from the homepage itself ? If that’s the case click here and have a look at the thread - there is some Javascript and details on how to do that.

If that’s not the case then please elaborate a bit more if you could ? What exactly do you want them to do and how ?

If you want to link to other pages - then you can simply put the text at the top of the page in a page section you deem the ‘nav bar’ and add a link to the text in the text editor.

As far as drop down menu’s go - I’m not sure - but would be keen to know if that is possible.