Convert stickie with click on alternate link


We have a “signup” stickie on a blog that we are displaying on every visit until converted.

Works fine - but is a bit of a nuisance for those who are already members. So we added a link that says "Already a member? Login In with that link opening in the parent frame. That works as well.

But - clicking that link does not “convert” the form - so the next time the member comes back, they see the link again.

Wondering if anyone knows how to set (presumably with some JS) the converted value in the local storage - or another simple way to convert this click (without actually needing a new lead conversion.)

Thanks in advance!

@Barry_Elk -

Might be a workaround here. If you can set a cookie on the login page (or what they hit when they click that link), you can exclude them using Advanced Targeting:

Wouldn’t technically be a conversion, but you could get those folks to never see it again …

Thanks @Adam_Smartschan. I thought of something like that. Unfortunately the “login” domain is different than the blog domain. So no cross-domain cookie reading.

I was toying with sending a URL parameter through and then setting a cookie value based on the URL parameter if the person came over in a logged in state. Something cryptic so not easily reverse engineered. But since nothing is paywalled on the blog, I’m really only trying to remove friction for existing members, so it would never occur to a non-member that they could trick the blog into suppressing the conversion CTAs.

So I solved my own problem.

I converted the hyperlink to a button.

When I click the button, the following entry is made in localStorage:

type: “EMBEDDABLE_LINK_CLICK”, conversion: false

What is interesting is that after that, the sticky no longer appears but it continues to fire the HOST PAGE VISIT and EMBEDDABLE ACTIVATION flags into localStorage.

But - it works the way I want. Members who click “Login now” will not see the sticky upon refresh or subsequent visits.

Here is a screen grab of the execution.

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Well - I spoke too soon.

You DO have to have the other action button set on the Conversion tab:

It only suppresses on false during that session and is not persistent after the tab is closed.

But with Embeddable_link_click, conversion: true - the sticky is indeed gone after “conversion”.

Only thing to watch out for will be that the conversion count will not match the lead count. The Number of Conversions less the Number of Leads will equal the number of people who clicked the Login button.