Conversions are well configured in Analytics but some completed Goals never show up. Reasons for this?


I set the Analytics Goal Conversion exactly how it is explained by Unbounce and it has been working fine.

The thing is, from time to time, there is like 1 or 2 completed conversions that show up in Unbounce and not in Analytics…and this is a problem 'cause it’s essential for me to gather all the information in analytics…

Can you explain me why this might be happening?.. 



Hi There - Unbounce can track your form fills as conversions internally, whereas Analytics relies on the Javascript firing client side, so sometimes you can see small differences between conversion stats.

I took a quick look at a handful of your pages and the placement of your Analytics script is set to “before end body tag”. For the most part, the script will still fire there as well, but Google does specify that it should be placed in the head of your page–making that change should help make sure the GA script fires properly almost 100% of the time.


Hey There, Quinn.

Thanks a lot for your previous answer.

Anyway, although I’ve guaranteed that the analytics scripts are placed just like you said, the problem remains…

I have now 5 conversions. 1 of them is duplicated so unbounce says 4 leads. Fine.
But then Analytics says 3…why? what’s the problem with the other conversion?.

I really need to solve this question. Can you help?..

Thanks again.


Have you reset your Unbounce conversions? If not, the 1 or 2 that were missed previously will still be counted, so that would explain the persistent discrepancy. If you’re seeing a difference after excluding the previous conversions, can you send us an email at with the page in Unbounce and also a screenshot of your goal set-up in Analytics?