Conversion tracking with embedded form (using Webmecanik)

Hi everyone,

i have a client that runs its “lead capture” pages and “thank you” pages on Unbounce. Nevertheless, the form is handled by Webmecanik (based on Mautic).

This means that when you land on the “lead capture” page, the form you see is from Webmecanik. So, when the form is filled, it counts as 1 conversion in Webmecanik but nothing in Unbounce.

I was wondering : if the “thank you” page is on Unbounce, is there a way to create a rule like “If visit on TOPIC X Thank you page, then add 1 conversion to TOPIC X lead capture page” .

I don’t care about the forms data, I just want to have the right conversion rate from the landing page visit to the form filled (other than comparing the total number of visits between the “lead capture” page and the “thank you page” since I’m not sure about previous stat reset).

External Conversion Tracking method does not work as i cannot tick the form box since the form is not handled by Unbounce.



This is exactly how External Conversion Tracking is designed to work. You put the tracking script on the Thank You page, and Unbounce will look for the most recently visited page without a conversion for that visitor and increment the conversion count.