Conversion Goal Analytics


If we have multiple conversion goals on a landing page, what is the best way we can see which of these conversions is the most successful? All i can see on the overview page is a consolidated view of all conversions


Hello there Josh - thanks for reaching out !

Although you can track multiple conversion goals, at this time they will be reported as one accumulated conversion number for the page.

In order to see an analysis of the conversions separately, you may want to consider adding Google Event Tracking to the page in order to achieve the functionality you are looking for.

Josh, I have also given this Feature Request a plus one at our Feature Request Forum at…. Here your request can gain traction through community input and voting to provide our Development team valuable feedback for future changes to Unbounce. Our team frequently visits this forum to consider functionality changes and feature requests from our online community.

I hope this gets you moving in the right direction Josh. Please be sure to reach out to if you have any further questions about getting started with Google Event Tracking.


It is very time consuming to setup Google Event Tracking for each page (or set of pages).

I would love Unbounce so much more if the page metrics were richer. Multiple goal tracking is an overly-important feature for a tool like Unbounce. You’re all about higher conversions!