Conversion-based Pricing: Putting our money where our mouth is

Hey folks!

Pablo here from Unbounce :wave:

As someone who isn’t a native English speaker, I’ve always enjoyed discovering new idioms. One of my favourites has always been “putting your money where your mouth is”.

And that’s exactly what we just did at Unbounce.

Think about it: some landing page builders charge you for the number of pages you can build, others base their price on the number of users on your account. At the end of the day, your goal is still to convert more traffic.

That’s why we’re putting our money where our mouth is and starting today, we’re introducing conversion-based pricing.

It’s all about value.

Our new plans (Launch, Optimize, Accelerate, Scale and Concierge) are focused on supporting you through the different stages of your business’s growth, and giving you the tools you need to consistently create incredible marketing campaigns.

For example, if you’re new to Unbounce, our entry-level plan (Launch) will help you learn to create attention-grabbing landing pages without the need for a developer. Once you start to receive more traffic, you can upgrade to a plan like Optimize or Accelerate with optimization features to convert even more of your visitors.

But before getting into the details, let’s address the two questions you’ve almost certainly got locked and loaded:

Is this a price hike?

Nope. Our entry-level plan, Launch, is now actually less expensive than our previously lowest priced option. This is all about giving you the flexibility to choose a plan that fits your business, which is why we’re introducing additional options to meet the needs of more of our customers as they scale.

Can I keep my existing plan?

99.99% of Unbounce customers can. We don’t want to make you change your plan if you don’t want to (though you might want to once you see the new ones). If you’re happy with your plan, you can keep it.

The other 00.01% are customers who’ve been with us since 2010—the very beginning—and we wanted to show our thanks. These customers are being migrated to our Vintage plan, which gives them benefits at (or even less than) the same price they’re already paying.

This change is just one of the ways we’re supporting your growth in 2020. With Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™️ and AI-powered optimization tools like Smart Traffic, businesses like yours can make the most of every click.

For more details on pricing and to compare your current plan, visit our new pricing page. If you have any feedback or questions about this change or other developments at Unbounce, please reach out to us at or throw them in the comment section below!

Happy converting, amig@s!



You have a funny definition of “supporting your growth.” Looks to me it’s more like “taking a piece of your growth.”

Huge thumbs down from me on this.

When trying a myriad of landing page services, I eventually picked Unbounce because your pricing did not penalize me for being more successful, driving more traffic and converting more sessions.

I am grateful we are able to stick with the plan we are on, but I fear it will only be a matter of time until that is no longer an option. I will have to start my search for a new provider as a backup plan.


Thanks for the update!

Wasn’t the lowest option previously $59.99 or $69.99? I know it was less than $80…

Is there any difference now that the price has increased?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Gracias por tu email, ha sido genial reconocer tu nombre y apellidos y descubrir en linkedin que no solo eres español si no valenciano!

En mi agencia usamos mucho unbounce para crear landing pages.

Un Saludo,

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Is external conversion tracking still available with the new plans as the metric that is charged on? Our ultimate conversion is further down funnel and Unbounce is primarily the sales page to drive people to our application.

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Worst idea you ever had, completely against it and will do my best to change platforms ASAP if you carry on with this pricing. I do not want to be charged for my conversions or visits at all, but for the features as I was.

Also, never gave you permission to publicly reveal my email reply…



I have a handful of local clients who always have low local traffic levels, but we get some decent results for them anyway.

If I was to “upgrade” to your new model it would cost me £100 more per month to cover the extra domains.

Traffic is low, conversions are low volume, but we get a good ROI. This new model would just ding me for well over a 100% increase in monthly subscriptions for no extra value.

Glad we can be grandfathered.

I’d really like to see some significant improvements in the builder and streamlining that, as well as better cross page conversion tracking, better form functionality etc, then maybe, yeah.



Big Problem: How About Us that Have 175 custom domains, How u gonna help us? Because our clients are small and they have few conversions but tons of different domains.

Hope u see us too.


Oi, @Tiago_Flores_Dias !

Customers can stay in their current plans. We’re not migrating anyone :slight_smile:

For new customers, our intention is about tying the cost of Unbounce with the value they are getting from it. It’s all about aligning pricing with value.

I’d encourage you to check out the pricing announcement post for some more context on why we’re making this change.

Obrigado pelo seu feedback!

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Gracias Jacob!

Sí, valenciano que cruzó el charco hace unos años ya. Gracias por responder! Cualquier pregunta o comentarios, aquí me tienes (o por email también:

Saludos!! :wave:

Hey @codarity!

Thanks for your feedback. We have certainly considered these type of situations, but as we say,

we’re just trying to align pricing with value.

I truly believe it’s good for any business.

And as you said, yes, we’re grandfathering customers so no forced migrations nor weird moves. Please, give it a go to the blog post where my colleague Garret H. explains in more depth the WHY.

Gracias for your feedback! :call_me_hand:

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Hey @ImperaItalia.

Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback. This is certainly a bold move in the industry, since NO ONE in our sector does it this way but as we keep saying, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

We’re taking a step towards value-based pricing , which is all about understanding the quantifiable benefit of a product to the market (usually through a ton of research and customer interviews) and setting a price based on that value. Or, in shorter terms, giving you what you pay for .

You (and I, and many other marketers, I bet) don’t really “care” about landing pages themselves. We care about conversions. We don’t build landing pages just for fun, but to get something out of them.

We’re also allowing customers to stick to their plans so there’s no need for you to change platforms if you’re happy with your current plan.

Anyways, hope this helped and added a bit more context. Let me know if you have any more questions.


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Hey @smcvey

100%. Indeed, I’d really encourage you to set up conversion tracking—not because of our new pricing, but because it lets you see how your landing pages are performing and which ones are converting best. Plus, once you understand your average performance, you can see how you stack up alongside others in your industry (using the Conversion Benchmark Report).

Lots of Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™️ features (like Smart Traffic) use conversion tracking in their machine learning algorithms, helping you automatically optimize your pages to get the most conversions possible.

Hope this helps!

Have a good one, @smcvey

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Hey @saradaniellesmith

The lowest price plan before was Essential ($100/month if monthly, $80/month prorated when paid annually). Now, our lowest tier plan goes low to $72/month if you pay annually.

Shoot us any question to if you need to, or reply to this thread.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:


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Hey @cfen

Thanks a lot for your feedback. :point_right:t4:

I really believe this is a healthy and bold move in the industry. We’ve spent months of research and customer interviews to really understand that value-based pricing is the right way to go.

Tying the price of marketing software to the value it actually delivers means the benefit you get should always outweigh the cost of the platform. It’s fair for everybody. Plus the SaaS has a huge incentive to increase the value that you get. When you succeed, so does the provider.

As I mentioned to @ImperaItalia or @codarity too earlier: as marketers (I’m a marketer too, folks!), I don’t really care about how many pages I create. Indeed, the lesser pages, the better (aka “less work”, lol). What I care about is conversions, about my audience taking the actions we want them to take.

We definitely want to support your growth. Plus, these new plans tie your success to ours—so

if you’re not growing as a result of more conversions, then neither are we.

Feel free to send us an email with any more questions, or you can also leave them in this thread. Happy to answer them all!

Hasta luego :wave:t4:

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Unfortunately, I’m not a fan. The problem is that this model values all “conversions” equally, when in fact they are not. For example, under the new pricing if we ran a campaign to expand our mailing list, unless I’m mistaken that would value a conversion the same as a click through to sign up which is a revenue producing conversion. We’ll be staying with our current plan, but I have to say if that goes away, we would be more than likely to migrate to a different tool than go with one of your new “value based” plans, sorry.


Sorry, no. You don’t get to share in my company’s success. Unbounce is a service that helps me secure customers. The more customers I get, the more successful I am. Unbounce’s success is how many happy customers pay for its service, which, if the early feedback on this thread is any indication, will be in sharp decline if you make this switch mandatory.

That you think you deserve a share of my success is really all I need to know. Back on the hunt for a better landing page service.


I disagree with your answer and approach.

  1. You do not address what I wrote at all, you just keep repeating your announcement.
  2. You fail to understand that you can implement a different pricing strategy but it doesn’t mean your clients will like it or agree with it.
  3. Your plans do not provide any benefits for us as we are already ‘premium’ users.

Finally, at the moment we can keep our plans but I bet that you will force us to switch in the next 12 - 18 months.
We already have 40K visitors and 80-120K sessions, with immense growth, so for us this can easily be a huge price increase very soon. I can not commit to a marketing strategy involving Unbounce that has no real monetary value for us (my success is not your conversion or sessions). You are not Google and I won’t pay your CPC, sorry. In other words, I am happy to pay for the car but I’ll buy the petrol myself; how much I drive should not interest you, thank you.


The worst idea ever. Huge thumbs down. :-1: :-1: :-1:
Over the years I signed up tens of clients/friends for unbounce and after this change, I will never ever recommend unbounce to anybody again. You are now penalizing success by introducing limits on conversions.

I will give this time until the end of the week and will call every single person I signed up and offer to move them to Instapage for free. Btw, they already aware of this and made it their sales point.


This is a big mistake. I have 29 domains running so far under in my current plan for 99 dollars. If this is ever forced on us, we would have to pay 2 of the higher packages at 600 dollars. You have lost the plot unbounce. Seriously preparing plan B right now.