Connect to Leads BD


Hello there, 

Is it possible to get the Leads in another way?, I mean, It’s really hard for me to join the site and download one by one de new Leads from all my pages. Maybe, Would it be possible to connect to a database or something like this to automate this process???


We’ve had great success with using to export all leads on the fly to a Google spreadsheet. What you basically do is set up a connection in Zapier between your Unbounce account and Google account.

Real easy setup and works like a charm!


Hi Juddy,

I second Finge’s suggestion to look into Zapier. Automatically filling in Google Spreadsheets with leads is a great time saver and convenient way to share leads with your team without giving them access to your Unbounce account.

A few other suggestions:

  • Zapier to one of the dozens CRM tools they support
  • Webhooks to your own DB
  • Unbounce email notifications for new leads
  • Unbounce lead export feature

You have a lot of options and we can probably point you in the right direction if you share a bit more about your process and how you handle leads after you get them.

Any particular CRM that you use?


Just to add my tuppence worth, again I’ll add my weight to what they guys say and shout about how Zapier is awesome. Some of our clients also use a free version of Zoho CRM which Unbounce has integrations for and we also have some clients on Salesforce who I coded custom web hooks for. Others just get it via email or again spreadsheets., tbh most clients just want an email fired off but we do try to push CRM systems as they give you a much better chance at reporting and proper customer management.

If you’re not using a CRM, I seriously recommend grabbing a free Zoho account just to have somewhere for your leads to live, if you already have a CRM, then I’m sure between us all we can advise on how to integrate Unbounce to get your leads drop straight into there. :slight_smile:


Thanks to all for your answers, I’m going to check any suggestion right now.