Community Spotlight: Joe Faillace


It’s no surprise that the secret ingredient which makes the Unbounce Community so special is the sheer number of brilliant marketers that hang out here and share their expertise with the crowd. 

After all, the goal of this Community is to connect the world’s most talented marketers and inspire a culture of continuous learning, sharing and optimization - and if there’s one thing that inspires me more than anything, it’s watching marketers help each other out to become even more successful.

That’s why today we’re introducing a new initiative called ‘Community Spotlight’ which aims to highlight some of the most inspiring members of the Unbounce Community.

To kick things off, I’d like to introduce you to Joe Faillace.

Joe Faillace
Founder of Nexus Conversions

Since joining the Unbounce community earlier this year, Joe has quickly become one of the most engaging and helpful members in the Community. From providing impeccable landing page critiques to sparking in-depth conversations about what’s hot (and not) in the digital marketing, it’s no wonder how he’s earned the prestigious title of Unbounce Expert.

Joe is also known for being in the vanguard of optimized visual storytelling.  He focuses on improving conversion rates and increasing engagement for companies of all sizes. If you are curious about how animated explainer videos, infographics and other visual storytelling elements can be implemented to accomplish business objectives he can be contacted at  

What areas of digital marketing do you currently specialize in?
We specialize in increasing conversion rates through visual storytelling.

How did you first become interested in Digital Marketing?  
I think I first became interested in online marketing while I was in school studying and participating on eBay.  Seeing Power Sellers making a living on the web was what flipped the switch in my mind that online marketing was a serious opportunity.

What brand/company do you admire in the digital marketing space?  
I admire what BuzzFeed has done as a video marketing platform and I really admire how Unbounce has changed the landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization game.  They are a key partner to any marketer due to the power of their SAAS, community, and friendly customer support team.

What is your go-to strategy for A/B testing?
We test based on user feedback when possible and we test as frequently as the data permits.

Any predictions or trends you foresee dominating marketing in the next 5 years?  
I believe that videos will continue to increase in importance thanks to increased bandwidth, smart phones’ amplified prevalence and the improved effectiveness of communicating visually, versus boring blocks of text.  It becomes a no brainer when you consider how mission critical videos will be to rocketing SEO, engagement and conversion rates.

What are you reading / listening to these days?  
I am reading The Referral Engine by John Jantsch and though I have not finished it yet, I give it a 5/5 thus far!  Also I enjoy listening to the Tim Ferriss’s paradigm shifting podcasts while exercising.

What is one thing you can’t live without?  
The increasing mobile bandwidth coming through the phone networks that has contributed to video’s success on mobile.

What are you currently on the lookout for?
We are always looking for new clients who are curious about how visual storytelling can improve their digital marketing strategy and can be reached at

In regards to partnerships, we are open to partnering with similar minded communities and companies that value conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization, and other strategic digital marketing opportunities.

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Great intro to this section ! Great to hear more about you Joe - I love the vid I never tire of watching that - and have shown it to a couple of clients recently. Hope we can do some collaborative work together sometime soon !


Hi Amit!

Thank you for staying tuned :slight_smile: we are always open to working with agencies like yours.

We created this landing page and partnership program specifically for Unbounce loving agencies who want the ability to provide videos for their clients!  Amit, let’s talk soon about how we can integrate explainer videos into your offering.

Best regards,



Thank you, Tia!  I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Unbounce.  Thanks for all of your help thus far and I am honored :slight_smile:




This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing more about yourself, Joe!