Community page reviews


Hi everyone, is there already a spot in the community where we can just link to our new landing pages for review and A/B test suggestions? I’d love some feedback on mine and don’t mind at all doing the same for others - in fact looking at lots of landing pages would be great for getting better at seeing what works and what doesn’t!


And in the meanwhile if anyone cares to check mine out it’s at :)


And in the meanwhile if anyone cares to check mine out it’s at :)


Images loaded reallyyyyyy slow.   Also, the CTA should be more prominent.  I missed it the first time I went through.  Think of brighter colors “red” in the copy always does well or an arrow.


Thanks Jason! Images are small, so sounds like I need to get the site onto a better resourced VM. When you say the CTA should be more prominent, you mean it’s not obvious that I want you to start a trial by putting in an email? I’ve added a variant with a bright chartreuse-coloured arrow next to the email field and same colour text saying “Try Spatula right now for free, your email is all we need to get you started”. Is that sort of what you had in mind?


I like the new layout much better.  

I meant that the user’s eye should have nowhere to go but the email capture field.

You should take a look at to get feedback on landing pages…  You’ll probably dig it.



Very cool!

It still loads a little slowly for met - but the design is very interesting! 

You may want to resize your lightbox so it fits nicely around the form :wink: