Community Event Listings


I think it would be cool to allow for the community to list events that are “Unbounce” related. Local meetups, 5a7s, seminars, workshops, etc. Specifically events that are not run or sponsored by Unbounce. I know in MTL alone we have had a few of these and the only way to find them is by word of mouth or on FB if you’re following the right peeps.

Also a great way for individuals that happen to be speaking at larger events on the the topic of Unbounce to spread the word.

Could be neat to have it filtered by City?

Anyways … just a though! :slight_smile:


GREAT idea @digibomb!

We created the category here:

Feel free to be the first to post your event! I would structure the title to be something along the lines of:
City • Date • Event Name

Once we get a couple threads, we’ll break them up and categorize them based on City.



Also, just thinking, that during event like CRODay you should add a temp category for community event listings. Same for Digital Agency Day and CTAConf … IMHO.


@digibomb welcome :slight_smile: - love it!